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Alex Roofing Company, Inc. provides a wide variety of services to Erie and the surrounding tri-state area. We regularly complete projects along Lake Erie from east of Cleveland, OH to west of Buffalo, NY and to areas south of Pittsburgh, PA. We also complete projects in other geographical areas depending upon client need and circumstances. For questions regarding a specific location or roofing type, contact our Commercial Sales Department at (814) 452-2539.

Alex Roofing, Inc. crane rental in use.Our general services include commercial and industrial roofing, all phases of roofing repair, emergency roofing services, vertical grade waterproofing, residential roofing, custom sheet metal fabrication and installation, roof maintenance, design consultation services, and crane rental services.

Full List of Roofing, Waterproofing and Additional Services

Common Roofing Types

  • Single Ply Membranes
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Metal Roof Retrofit
  • Copper (all types)
  • Roof Top Coatings
  • PVC Membrane
  • Shingles
  • Built-Up Roofing (hot or cold)
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • TPO (Thermoplastic) Membrane
  • Roof Restoration Coating Applications
  • Cold Applied Coating Systems
  • Architectural Metal & Ornate Metal Work
  • Composite Shingles
  • Safety First



    Commercial Vertical Grade Waterproofing Project.Waterproofing Services

    Membrane Waterproofing
    Bentonite Waterproofing
    Liquid Applied Waterproofing
    Vertical / Horizontal Grade Waterproofing

    Vertical Grade Waterproofing

    If your home or facility is located on soggy ground, porous soil, or where the environmental conditions require extra below grade protection, then you should consider the benefits of a properly installed waterproofing system. Every commercial structure or home can benefit from vertical grade (or below-grade) waterproofing. Avoid the hassles of basement water issues; utilize professionally installed waterproofing to extend the life and value of your property.

    Five reasons to consider Vertical Grade Waterproofing:

  • Costly damage to interior spaces and contents such as carpet, walls, furniture, on-site electronic and manufacturing equipment, not to mention company data and historical or paper and financial records.
  • Building deterioration due to freezing and thaw cycles from our harsh winters.
  • Mold growth.
  • Rotting of wood studs and framework.
  • Corrosion of interior metal supports (e.g. studs).
  • Vertical Grade Waterproofing helps you to avoid all of these costly damages.

    Trust the Professionals

    Trust the professionals at Alex Roofing Company, Inc. to provide the correct solution for your commercial waterproofing job. Our Commercial Division is your best resource for any questions you may have regarding our waterproofing services. Call today (814) 452-2539.

    Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Alex Roofing Company, Inc. maintains a state of the art, 3,000 sq.ft. sheet metal shop capable of just about any metal fabrication design. The extensive capabilities of our sheet metal fabricators are limited only by your imagination. Please call today and ask for our sheet metal division to find out more.

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